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Hi all, Tomorrow (Monday 23rd December) I am going to update the operating system that the cluster and website run on. This will inevitably mean some downtime but it needs doing. I will make the downtime as short as possible … Continue reading

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Hi all, I have been forced to move GB7MBC to a remote host due to it’s popularity ūüôā¬† This of course means that I have additional overheads to pay.¬† If you could find your way, as a user of the … Continue reading

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New server

Hi all, The cluster and website are now on a new server. It is going to take me a while to get everything working but we will get there. many thanks for your patience during this time. Ian

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Fighting the PLT threat

Hi all, Nige (G7CNF) has set up a site dedicated to fighting the PLT and homeplug threat in the UK. ¬†The site is excellent and can be found at ¬†This is a welcome addition to the UKQRM site and … Continue reading

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Downtime issues

Hi all, Apologies for the downtime you have been experiencing over the last few days. ¬†Moving the cluster to a new and better machine coincided with some weird network problems. ¬†There may still be some small downtime while I install … Continue reading

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Hi all, Firstly my sincere apologies for the downtime. ¬†The server machine (just over a year old) died. ¬†I suspect either the CPU or the motherboard. ¬†I have borrowed an old machine off a friend and just about got everything … Continue reading

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Router Problems

Today both our routers failed and we had to buy and install a new one. This has meant that we have had some downtime on the cluster today. Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully things should be back to normal … Continue reading

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VHF iPhone cluster page added

Due to the success of the general iPhone cluster page, I have added one specifically for VHF. ¬†It also covers 70cm. ¬†You can find this at… I hope you enjoy it. 73 Ian

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Another new feature

Hi all, More and more people are using the Internet mobile. I have created a webcluster specifically for this. Currently, it is designed to fit the iPhone but it will also work on Android (at least on the G1) and … Continue reading

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New Feature

Hi all, We now have a live Twitter feed. This takes information from many DX sites and updates them to bring you news on DXPeditions, IOTA activations etc. You can see the feed on the right of the website. You … Continue reading

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