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Hi all,
More and more people are using the Internet mobile. I have created a webcluster specifically for this. Currently, it is designed to fit the iPhone but it will also work on Android (at least on the G1) and I believe on the Nokia N95.

Please note that this is not an iPhone app but it *is* designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It does work on other mobiles and improvements will come along for that. If you save it to your home screen, it has a custom icon so it feels like an app 🙂 There are filters for HF, VHF, Digital, IOTA and ALL. You can also tap on a dx callsign and it will take you to the qrz entry for that DX.

The refresh is once a minute which is the maximum I can do. I would be happy to answer any questions on it. If you have any comments, feel free to add them 🙂

My thanks go to Stan, 9H1LO and especially to Roberto, EA2RY for their help and encouragement.

73 Ian

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