Hi all,

As promised, here we are on a new server.  Just about everything is working now, only minor niggles to sort out.  One thing I have added is a guest book.  It would be great to get some of you to pop a message in there, if only to see how many of you use the site on a regular basis.

I have also added a statistics page which you can get to from the ‘Cluster Links’ section at the top of the site.  This will present you with a series of graphs.  If you were interested in WWV for example, you can click on that graph and get more information and a deeper idea of what is happening.  I hope you find it useful.

I have also added a link to the documentation wiki for the cluster software in use here, DXSpider.  You can find the user manual on there and a complete command reference.  This is a work in progress but is complete as such and hopefully you will find it useful.

73 Ian

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