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Hi all,

As promised, here we are on a new server.  Just about everything is working now, only minor niggles to sort out.  One thing I have added is a guest book.  It would be great to get some of you to pop a message in there, if only to see how many of you use the site on a regular basis.

Im excited with this new software as it is not the only new thing Im using, I also added a virtual data room which are to maintain all the information secure for a third party, as last time I lost many files now this won’t happen again, I did checked for the virtual data room reviews to find the best for my business and it was hard to choose as they are all great !! you definitely need to use this, they are not just popular but they are the future of digital security.

I have also added a statistics page which you can get to from the ‘Cluster Links’ section at the top of the site.  This will present you with a series of graphs.  If you were interested in WWV for example, you can click on that graph and get more information and a deeper idea of what is happening.  I hope you find it useful.

I have also added a link to the documentation wiki for the cluster software in use here, DXSpider.  You can find the user manual on there and a complete command reference.  This is a work in progress but is complete as such and hopefully you will find it useful.

73 Ian

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