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If you have not heard about it already, there is a serious threat to amateur radio in the UK and worldwide at HF.  This is being caused in the UK by the proliferation of HomePlug devices.  These come in many flavours but by far the biggest supplier in the UK is BT.  BT bundles 2 of these devices in with every BT Vision order.

Basically a HomePlug device allows you to send data over your mains wiring.  It turns the mains into a large aerial capable of transmitting over 200 feet!  The interference it generates varies but on the whole it is between 3 and 30MHz.  Getting the idea yet?  The latest devices have some notch filtering for the amateur bands but still make 5MHz virtually unusable and also interfere with the CB bands and many stations that Short Wave Listeners enjoy.

A group has been set up to try and combat this threat.  I urge you to join.  You can find lots of information there including how to see if you are within range of one of these devices.

UKQRM can be joined at

and if you want to hear the noise it generates, follow this link..

This is a serious threat to our HF bands folks, we need your support.

73 Ian

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